Forever in Love by Susane Colasanti Book Review

Title: Forever in Love
Series: City Love #3
Author: Susane Colasanti
Publication Date: 7/11/2017
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Contemporary

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The Gist:

Sadie is trying to find the strength to confront a past family trauma and forgive the boy who broke her heart. Darcy needs to figure out how to make it on her own for the first time and finally accept the love she deserves. Rosanna’s boyfriend might still be in love with his ex…and she can recognize the abuse of her past reflected in a girl who needs her help. As the summer comes to an end, will they learn to love themselves and support one another with a bond of sisterhood that will never be broken?

Told from alternating points of view, Forever in Love celebrates three girls who will be forever in love with the endless possibilities their futures hold.

The Review:

Can I just say that DarSaNna is my ultimate girl trio of all the YA Contemporaries I’ve read. What I also like about City Love is that it is actually a Contemporary Trilogy, which are few. Usually only the fantasy and fiction books are released by series.

I have not reread Lost in Love before reading this one so I was kinda lost. I thought Sadie was done for good about Austin, I was like ???? Also compared to the last two books it was harder and heavier to read emotionally, not a good way to end a series but it was still as good as I expected, still.

I kind of don’t ship Sadie and Austin but some part of me tells me it’s okay because I also ship a couple in real life in which the girl actually is divorced with her husband and is dating a soft co-star so, who am I to judge right? I shipped Darcy and Jude but the book actually gave me nothing but a confused Darcy the most of the book. Rosanna and D was supposed to be my ultimate ship in this series but it’s just sad that they’re not really for each other. I’ve come to realize my love for iced watermelon because of them somehow.

The character development or you could say change was very much for the girls I think. Being in college changes you, in a good or bad way, you will know when you experience or read it yourself. Rosanna has the biggest character development. She learned to be open and rather be a fighter after all that she’s been through; assaulted, mistreated.

What I loved about this last book is that it openly dealt with the issues all the girls were facing and that whatever happens they will always be together no matter what; and that is what girl power is. Also city love, I loved Ney York through reading this book and I wish that someday I’ll find my own city love as well. The things that would stay with me from this book is too always be kind and make warm fuzzies for everyone.

The Verdict:

I’m sending it warm fuzzies with 4 stars. I really hope I’d see New York in this lifetime with the three books so I can read them at the places that’s been written on all those three books, I dream of walking around New York City with City Love, Lost in Love and Forever in love in my bag.


Lucky in Love by Kasie West Book Review

Title: Lucky in Love
Author: Kasie West
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 07/25/2017
Genre: Contemporary

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The Gist:

Maddie’s not impulsive. She’s all about hard work and planning ahead. But one night, on a whim, she buys a lottery ticket. And then, to her astonishment —
She wins!
In a flash, Maddie’s life is unrecognizable. No more stressing about college scholarships. Suddenly, she’s talking about renting a yacht. And being in the spotlight at school is fun… until rumors start flying, and random people ask her for loans. Now, Maddie isn’t sure who she can trust.
Except for Seth Nguyen, her funny, charming coworker at the local zoo. Seth doesn’t seem aware of Maddie’s big news. And, for some reason, she doesn’t want to tell him. But what will happen if he learns her secret?

The Review:

I’d probably start all my Kasie West books reviews like this; yeah, totally all of them. Hell read all the Kasie West books you can find in the book store or library. I swear you will never regret I told you so. You’ll also thank me but you’re welcome.

As always I can’t always pace myself in reading all the books of Kasie, they are all page-turners, totally all of them. Like I always say, I would never not read any of her books, every year I’d be stoked waiting for the new stuff she’s written. Even if you hate romance or love story novels, consider hers different because she makes the most mainstreamist of stories to be as funny and as entertaining no one else could, maybe it’ll convert you if you try you know.

Lucky in Love is about a girl who actually won the lottery, yes you heard it right. Have you ever read a YA contemporary about a person who won the lottery? No? I thought so. You’ve probably watched it on TV or the movies. Again, as usual I’ve read the whole book up to the acknowledgements in a whole 4 hours the most? Yeah, always that fast with Kasie West.

I just love how Maddie and Seth are both into taking care of animals. I love the anteater! I will do anything for Heebo, I swear. I want to protect the zoo they’re volunteers for. You’d read in the book how you get the issues you’d have if you ever win the lottery, eg. That money doesn’t actually solve your family problems etc. Love the plot twist! All the books of Kasie has this kind of unpredictable plot twist even if it may seem that your guess is right; you will be wrong I assure you that.

This ones light, fluffy as always, not as heavy as the last one; By your side. This one deals about divorce and sibling issues and knowing who your friends are when you have or don’t have money and the like. I kinda felt like Elise here, the girl who can’t choose what she wants to do in life, like I relate so hard but it’s sad that Kasie unfriended her in Maddie’s group.

The Verdict:

Moral lesson of the story; a guy really loves you if you winning the lottery and being able to do almost everything, won’t change anything. So, 5 stars. I may be bias but yeah it’s really always a 5 star for Kasie’s books.

Lucky Girl Book Review

Title: Lucky Girl
Author: Amanda Maciel
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 04/25/2017
Genre: Contemporary

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I’d just like to take a moment and thank Harper Collins International for the review copies that I was sent even if I was away from home and reviewing for my CPA (certified public accountant) exams and being on a blog hiatus as much as I hate that I miss reading and reviewing these books so much so I’m sending over my warm caramel hugs and soft vanilla sundae smiles because I got to pass that exam and I’m already a CPA in my own right and I owe the publishers a toast for that. Thank you. I love you to bits and pieces.

The Gist:

Rosie is a beautiful girl—and it’s always been enough. Boys crush on her, men stare at her, girls (begrudgingly) admire her. She’s lucky and she knows it.

But it’s the start of a new school year and she begins to realize that she wants to be more. Namely, she’s determined to be better to her best friend, Maddie, who’s just back from a summer program abroad having totally blossomed into her own looks. Rosie isn’t thrilled when Maddie connects with a football player who Rosie was hooking up with—but if it makes her friend happy, she’s prepared to get over it. Plus, someone even more interesting has moved to town: Alex, who became semi-famous after he stopped a classmate from carrying out a shooting rampage at his old high school. Rosie is drawn to Alex in a way she’s never experienced before—and she is surprised to discover that, unlike every other guy, he seems to see more to her than her beauty.

Then at a party one night, in the midst of a devastating storm, something happens that tears apart Rosie’s life and sets her on a journey of self-discovery that forces her to face uncomfortable truths about reputation, identity, and what it means to be a true friend.

The Review:

I had been on like a book slump for about 7 months so it’s really hard for me to get my gear up again and started reading and exploring these other worlds. I have trouble getting way past the third chapter lately but anyway I got into reading again through Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh but that’s another story.

So anyway this is perhaps my fourth book after that coping up with my book slump phase and this really got me triggered. I binge-read this one, I picked this one up because it’s just thin and the fonts are normal sized not the small ones so I thought I could just read it easily. When I read the prologue, what I thought was this was a book where the main girl or her friend gets raped, but apparently I was wrong (I blame binge-watching 13 reasons why), also when I was on the third or fifth chapter I already though I that I would be giving it a 3 star.

Yes it’s the normal high school drama, where the popular girl is too beautiful for her own good and jocks are into her and yeah that is where the plot kinda revolves around. The thing I liked about this book, is the normal thing I liked in books. In which in this case the friendship thing between Rosie and Maddie and the sister thing for Rosie and Ayla in which I relate to. Sort of. Let me just shout the message of the friendship: BFFS BEFORE DUDES! FRIENDSHIPS BEFORE BROS! FRIENDSHIP IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN FIGHTING OVER NONSENSE STUFF LIKE BOYS! The siblings’ relationship though is where you now, the siblings don’t get along, they have fights, they have insecurities but at the end of the day they’re still siblings, blood is thicker than water and there is always that sibling bond. The romance was cute and sweet where Rosie finds love in the mysterious popular guy who doesn’t think of her the way most guys thinks about her and doesn’t droll at her face or her body for that matter. I also loved how a gentleman Alex is. I approve.

As for the plot, it was okay, the pace is fast which was really good since I was binge-reading. The plot was not about rape then it was sexual assault and beauty and self-worth and knowing that beauty comes with a certain price especially these days, more specifically with teenage girls. It’s always really hard to read these kind of books since it triggers me. In which I think did fulfill the purpose of this book and that is a very good thing about it.

I hate that boys and men in general sometimes forgets that women owns their bodies and that they are not objects they can just grab whenever they feel the need to or something to just stick their awful manhood with and that women deserves respect and gentleness and damn consent. What I hate so much is the disrespect shown to girls and like they can’t do anything about it and that some shitty nonsense pathetic worthless sport is more important than treating women the right way, treating girls the way they deserve; and that is with care and affection alone. Even if some people doesn’t know how it feels like to be sexually assaulted or harassed or raped or even get paranoid about men: at least these kinds of books pass that message on and I’m grateful for the eye-opener that they are.

The Verdict:

Since this got me triggered and it was in fact good, the message was crystal clear and I’ve felt different kinds of emotions: I’m giving it a 4, instead of just 3 stars.

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ARC Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Title: The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Author: Patrick Ness
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a copy of this book for review from HarperCollins International. Many thanks to them for entrusting me the advanced readers copies (ARCs) of the books they publish and believing in me that I will make a good book review to encourage more readers and share the book love to people. All thoughts on this review are my own.

Here’s to the kids that aren’t so special and cannot save the world.

This is a very original and unique YA book by Patrick Ness. The story happened on the background of our typical sci-fi and dystopian fantasy books. How the rest of the people that doesn’t have super powers and the like continues to live their life. We’re so used to kids unbelievably saving the world but what do we really know about the lives of the rest that is caught up amidst those crisis?

Mikey and his friends are quite the norm amongst the indie kids (the chosen ones). He has OCD and has parents that suck but has amazing siblings and friends. Though he may not be fighting the monsters or the super villains, he has problems and things to deal with on his own and that is enough to make him an unforgettable character. He fiercely believes in friendship and the things that come attached with those relationships and learn how important it is even if he can’t save the world like the indie kids. He can conquer his own world by knowing that he can and he will by himself.

With this I’ve realized that humans, well..basically us, the people from afar of those special and popular ones have our own battles we’re fighting. And that makes us our own heroes even if we don’t acknowledge or recognize it we don’t have to be heroes to slay our own demons. We can. Even without telekinesis.

Patrick Ness is a well written author and his books pull you in like no other books can. There’s this originality and uniqueness that makes you deserve the time you read and feel something different deep inside toward his books. Gorgeous, important and a unique read! If you don’t want to read this book, something is wrong with you. I’m joking! But for real, read it!



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