Lucky Girl Book Review

Title: Lucky Girl
Author: Amanda Maciel
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 04/25/2017
Genre: Contemporary

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I’d just like to take a moment and thank Harper Collins International for the review copies that I was sent even if I was away from home and reviewing for my CPA (certified public accountant) exams and being on a blog hiatus as much as I hate that I miss reading and reviewing these books so much so I’m sending over my warm caramel hugs and soft vanilla sundae smiles because I got to pass that exam and I’m already a CPA in my own right and I owe the publishers a toast for that. Thank you. I love you to bits and pieces.

The Gist:

Rosie is a beautiful girl—and it’s always been enough. Boys crush on her, men stare at her, girls (begrudgingly) admire her. She’s lucky and she knows it.

But it’s the start of a new school year and she begins to realize that she wants to be more. Namely, she’s determined to be better to her best friend, Maddie, who’s just back from a summer program abroad having totally blossomed into her own looks. Rosie isn’t thrilled when Maddie connects with a football player who Rosie was hooking up with—but if it makes her friend happy, she’s prepared to get over it. Plus, someone even more interesting has moved to town: Alex, who became semi-famous after he stopped a classmate from carrying out a shooting rampage at his old high school. Rosie is drawn to Alex in a way she’s never experienced before—and she is surprised to discover that, unlike every other guy, he seems to see more to her than her beauty.

Then at a party one night, in the midst of a devastating storm, something happens that tears apart Rosie’s life and sets her on a journey of self-discovery that forces her to face uncomfortable truths about reputation, identity, and what it means to be a true friend.

The Review:

I had been on like a book slump for about 7 months so it’s really hard for me to get my gear up again and started reading and exploring these other worlds. I have trouble getting way past the third chapter lately but anyway I got into reading again through Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh but that’s another story.

So anyway this is perhaps my fourth book after that coping up with my book slump phase and this really got me triggered. I binge-read this one, I picked this one up because it’s just thin and the fonts are normal sized not the small ones so I thought I could just read it easily. When I read the prologue, what I thought was this was a book where the main girl or her friend gets raped, but apparently I was wrong (I blame binge-watching 13 reasons why), also when I was on the third or fifth chapter I already though I that I would be giving it a 3 star.

Yes it’s the normal high school drama, where the popular girl is too beautiful for her own good and jocks are into her and yeah that is where the plot kinda revolves around. The thing I liked about this book, is the normal thing I liked in books. In which in this case the friendship thing between Rosie and Maddie and the sister thing for Rosie and Ayla in which I relate to. Sort of. Let me just shout the message of the friendship: BFFS BEFORE DUDES! FRIENDSHIPS BEFORE BROS! FRIENDSHIP IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN FIGHTING OVER NONSENSE STUFF LIKE BOYS! The siblings’ relationship though is where you now, the siblings don’t get along, they have fights, they have insecurities but at the end of the day they’re still siblings, blood is thicker than water and there is always that sibling bond. The romance was cute and sweet where Rosie finds love in the mysterious popular guy who doesn’t think of her the way most guys thinks about her and doesn’t droll at her face or her body for that matter. I also loved how a gentleman Alex is. I approve.

As for the plot, it was okay, the pace is fast which was really good since I was binge-reading. The plot was not about rape then it was sexual assault and beauty and self-worth and knowing that beauty comes with a certain price especially these days, more specifically with teenage girls. It’s always really hard to read these kind of books since it triggers me. In which I think did fulfill the purpose of this book and that is a very good thing about it.

I hate that boys and men in general sometimes forgets that women owns their bodies and that they are not objects they can just grab whenever they feel the need to or something to just stick their awful manhood with and that women deserves respect and gentleness and damn consent. What I hate so much is the disrespect shown to girls and like they can’t do anything about it and that some shitty nonsense pathetic worthless sport is more important than treating women the right way, treating girls the way they deserve; and that is with care and affection alone. Even if some people doesn’t know how it feels like to be sexually assaulted or harassed or raped or even get paranoid about men: at least these kinds of books pass that message on and I’m grateful for the eye-opener that they are.

The Verdict:

Since this got me triggered and it was in fact good, the message was crystal clear and I’ve felt different kinds of emotions: I’m giving it a 4, instead of just 3 stars.

Christmas comeback and giveaway!

I guess one has to come back blogging sometime on Christmas! Long time blog readers, friends!
I had just been busy from a lot of school and work so I kind of neglected blogging a bit. I just can’t find time to fit on my schedule. 
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ARC Review: The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Title: The Rest of Us Just Live Here
Author: Patrick Ness
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: October 6, 2015
Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a copy of this book for review from HarperCollins International. Many thanks to them for entrusting me the advanced readers copies (ARCs) of the books they publish and believing in me that I will make a good book review to encourage more readers and share the book love to people. All thoughts on this review are my own.

Here’s to the kids that aren’t so special and cannot save the world.

This is a very original and unique YA book by Patrick Ness. The story happened on the background of our typical sci-fi and dystopian fantasy books. How the rest of the people that doesn’t have super powers and the like continues to live their life. We’re so used to kids unbelievably saving the world but what do we really know about the lives of the rest that is caught up amidst those crisis?

Mikey and his friends are quite the norm amongst the indie kids (the chosen ones). He has OCD and has parents that suck but has amazing siblings and friends. Though he may not be fighting the monsters or the super villains, he has problems and things to deal with on his own and that is enough to make him an unforgettable character. He fiercely believes in friendship and the things that come attached with those relationships and learn how important it is even if he can’t save the world like the indie kids. He can conquer his own world by knowing that he can and he will by himself.

With this I’ve realized that humans, well..basically us, the people from afar of those special and popular ones have our own battles we’re fighting. And that makes us our own heroes even if we don’t acknowledge or recognize it we don’t have to be heroes to slay our own demons. We can. Even without telekinesis.

Patrick Ness is a well written author and his books pull you in like no other books can. There’s this originality and uniqueness that makes you deserve the time you read and feel something different deep inside toward his books. Gorgeous, important and a unique read! If you don’t want to read this book, something is wrong with you. I’m joking! But for real, read it!



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Bookish Must-Haves

1.     Books
You can’t be bookish or a booknerd or a bookworm without books, it’s the first thing you must have whether it be any genre, from YA to NA to Adult and whether they be physical copies, ebooks or audiobooks, it doesn’t matter as long as you have books.

2.    Bookshelf
Where are you going to put all your treasures, not in a chest no, but like in an art gallery, have somewhere you’re going to display them, be proud of all those worlds you have been. So you need to get a pretty well organized and a neat bookshelf to fit all your, whether it be paperbacks, hardcovers or arcs. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your bookshelf, always have it dusted so that the books pages won’t get yellowy or splotched. You should preferably get a bookshelf that has a glass cover, not only for how it looks but how long lasting it could protect your books as well.

3.    E-reader
Books cost a lot. Like $9 is hard earned, especially here on PH, if you are still studying you have to save some of your allowance even if it means not eating the best food you’ve been craving, even if it means walking home. It’s expensive to be a booknerd. It could only be a hobby for the rich people, but no, even if you don’t have that much money, as long as you’re driven by the same passion everything is possible. Thank God for those people who invented e-readers and nook books or ebooks. If you can’t afford to buy a physical copy of the book you could buy the ebook copies instead, sometimes they are a lot cheaper, especially when there are ebook deals, they only cost a dollar and 99 cents equals 89.55 pesos. So you save a lot.
Here are some apps if you can’t buy a nook device or a kindle device. As long as you have an iphone or an android phone, you’re good. You can download them on Playstore for free.
1.       Amazon Kindle – I have the kindle app, I use it for the nook books I buy from amazon and to read the DRCs (Digital review copies) I receive from Netgalley.
2.      Aldiko – Aldiko is a good reader for books with DRC licences-it’s good for DRCs as well as PDF files.
3.      Moon Reader – This reader is the best app you could use to read all your ebook copies. I have the PRO version of this app and it’s very awesome because you can change the fonts, the backgrounds, the size of the book covers, the visuals. It also shows your reading stats, how many words per hour do you read, etc. It’s my favorite e-reader.

4.    Fandom Merchs
Once you read a book, a trilogy or a whole series, you’re then a part of the fandom. Once you’re a part of the fandom, you belong to the family. “Fandom before blood.” You then feel like you must have the items that the main character have in the book that you’ve read. For example:
Harry Potter – Wand, Deathly Hollows Necklace, Time turner, Hogwart’s Letter, etc.
Percy Jackson – Camp Halfblood Bead Necklace
The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Pin
The Mortal Instruments – Angelic Rune Necklace, Parabatai Necklace
The Infernal Devices – Clockwork Angel
Divergent – Erudite Necklace
And a whole lot more, as I said it’s expensive to be a booknerd. But once you have all the fandom merch of the books you love, well it is satisfying and fulfilling to have them as treasured possessions.
I bought my Fandom Merchs in this shop, you can buy yours too:
5.    Fandom Shirts
Wear what you read. That should be your motto. Wear your fandoms and be proud of it. Have a Hunger Games Tee, that says, “If we burn, you burn with us.” Have a Maze Runner Tee that says, “Run for your life, shank.” Have a Camp Halfblood Tee, an SPQR Tee, a TFIOS Shirt that says “Okay? Okay.” Have a Divergent Tee that says “I am Divergent and I cannot be controlled.” Have a multifandom tee! So that when people of the same fandom see you wearing that shirt, you never know they might approach you and then you fangirl/fanboy about your fandoms, meet the book bff of your life.
I have a collection of fandom shirts now, and I think I have, THG, TMI, TID, TFIOS, TMR, Divergent, Shatter Me, Mara Dyer, CHB, and a multi-fandom tee. And I’m totally getting more fandom tees printed.

You can get your fandom tees here; they sell awesome tee designs of like all your book fandoms!
6.    Signed stuff from authors
Oh once you got the official fangirl status, even if you’re not a book blogger or anything, you totally should get or buy, yes you can buy them, signed copies of the books from your favorite authors, they might be a little more costly but they’re worth it. Also it would also be awesome if you get signed book swags from your favorite authors by joining book giveaways, tweeting or emailing them. Book swags are like signed bookmarks, book plates, posters, wrist bands, etc. For me this is the most bookish must have.

7.    Book Lights
Don’t you just get tired reading in the dark? Like with an e-reader or a flashlight or a lamp. I bet you do, also you are ruining your eyes! Your eyes are the most important thing of all for reading, for being a booknerd, take care of it. You should get a book lamp that the lighting is good for your eyes.
I have this LED READING PANEL I bought online and I swear it’s the perfect book light a booknerd like you can ever have. Just slip the panel on the page you’re reading and perfect! No need to hold a flashlight or deal with the dim light of a lamp!

I bought my LRP in this shop, you can buy yours too:
8.     Book mugs
You may or may not be addicted to coffee as I am but it’s a need to have an awesome mug while you’re drinking coffee or tea or milk while you are reading! With a book mug of yours cheers to more books to read and later hours of sleeping!

These are mostly the things I can think of that all of us bookish people must have in our lives, they complete us as book lovers and they make life worth living and books worth reading!

Reading Slump (How to get out of it!)

Hi, Readers! Jm here, co-blogger and come bearing tips on how to get out of an effin’ Reading Slump!!! About a month ago I was dedicated to read literally everything on my TBR list, however, I experienced the most depressing feeling to undergo through as a bookworm… Reading effin’ Slump!! hence, I definitely didn’t kill my To-be-read list and didnt read a single thing for 2 months, which is by the way really depressing!

Thus, this post is solely to help readers to get out of a reading slump if they experience such… tragedy! I will point out 5 tips on “How to get out of a reading slump” which may actually get you out of it! Disclaimer though, that this tips is based on my personal experience and doesn’t necessarily covers every reader! atleast, some of it may still help!
  1. Light reads &  Re-reads.
    Favorite book At the moment (Since 2010)

    If you cannot cope up to the plot or get into a book, don’t pressure yourself! you might feel discouraged by the fact that you cannot enjoy the book but try reading less sophisticated books, perhaps a light read or a short novel to read before taking the serious ones! Re-read your most favorite book to get you back on track!

  2. “Rest” yourself.
    This rest is not about like, being so tired but about being sturdy around books. reading slumps may trigger something in your brain that cannot contain anymore words, hence giving you a feeling of not reading, yep tragic! distance yourslef to books (I know, it’s really hard) to make you kinda like crave for books to read, surely you’ll feel the adrenaline and excitement to see books again and to read!
  3. Seize the moment.
    I’m obsessed w/ the Tv Series and currently reading the first book!

    Yeah, I can see this is not a neccesity since you cannot literally seize the moment wherein you cannot enjoy what you love! but this “moment” is about your second favorite thing to do! well, if your second best thing to do is to read as well, perhaps the third… or the fourth. Whatever! anyways, for me my second thing i most likely to do if not to read is to watch series! then if your satisfied, get back to reading! Lol!

  4. Chapter by Chapter.
    with the reading slump, I doubt you’ll never finish a book! so invest a period of time everyday to read a chapter. A chapter a day really encouraged me to read the whole thing, though it will take time but it’s hell effective!
  5. Keep in touch.

    If you don’t feel like reading, and just lounge on your social media accounts, keep in touch of books! such as on instagram, if you follow fellow readers, take time to see pictures of books and the book-related captions. or on twitter, reading book quotes (if you follow such accounts) may keep you still in to books.

I see reading slumps both as a burden and an opportunity. Burden, because hey, reading novels is such a majestic hobby and you are ought to accept the fact that you cannot do it. and an opportunity because, it lets you experience more than reading, it does broaden the span of your bondaries to things as enjoyable and satisfying as reading books! Get out of it and you’ll get back on track. stucked in it, try new things to do, but misses sniffing books… It’s Hard! Hopefully this’ll help you guys who may be experiencing such events! don’t worry, its normal for bookworms! hahaha!