Romancing the Throne Book Review

Title: Romancing the Throne
Author: Nadine Jolie Courtney
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: 05/30/2017
Genre: Contemporary

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I’d just like to take a moment and thank Harper Collins International for the review copies that I was sent even if I was away from home and reviewing for my CPA (certified public accountant) exams and being on a blog hiatus as much as I hate that I miss reading and reviewing these books so much so I’m sending over my warm caramel hugs and soft vanilla sundae smiles because I got to pass that exam and I’m already a CPA in my own right and I owe the publishers a toast for that. Thank you. I love you to bits and pieces.

The Gist:

For the first time ever, the Weston sisters are at the same boarding school. After an administration scandal at Libby’s all-girls school threatens her chances at a top university, she decides to join Charlotte at posh and picturesque Sussex Park. Social-climbing Charlotte considers it her sisterly duty to bring Libby into her circle: Britain’s young elites, glamorous teens who vacation in Hong Kong and the South of France and are just as comfortable at a polo match as they are at a party.

It’s a social circle that just so happens to include handsome seventeen-year-old Prince Edward, heir to Britain’s throne.

If there are any rules of sisterhood, “Don’t fall for the same guy” should be one of them. But sometimes chemistry—even love—grows where you least expect it. In the end, there may be a price to pay for romancing the throne…and more than one path to happily ever after.

The Review:

I definitely devoured this book. I actually left off on the third chapter when I started reading this book, since I didn’t have my reading mojo back on then, but when I got on track, damn this book has gripped me hard. I started to continue reading it at about 11 pm and I just couldn’t put the book down. I still had to sleep though with 3 remaining chapters unread.

I had a very serious love-hate relationship with this book. I hate it because for the first time in all the royal books I’ve literally read, this is the first time-literally the first time I was not into the prince (which basically I always am)-that I didn’t have a crush or was rooting for the prince. So now it’s a ground rule, I only like medieval princes not the modern day ones. They seem not so interesting anyway.

I have to say I was team Libby at first, but girl asking your sister if it’s okay to date her ex-boyfriend after she’s heart-broken, hurt and betrayed you still went for it. Nice try. But after that I hated you more than Charlotte ever did. I wish it was the law not to date your sibling exs. Because I don’t know, isn’t it awkward and all that mess. I just don’t approve. I tried.

Like I always say I like my girls bad, headstrong and trouble makers. I’m not very much into perfect picturesque girls. My faves are more of the broken, wounded, scarred ones. It’s opposite for the boys though. I like my boys soft. I utterly abhor heart-breakers, especially guys who wants dates the whole sisterhood. Because ew. Prince or no prince.

I basically followed Charlotte in her heels. I felt the emotions she felt, I felt her frustrations, her joys, everything. At first I thought she was this social climber and doesn’t really pick her friends well. But all that changed when everybody felt like they made her feel second best because she definitely isn’t. And everyone keeps on betraying her and she’s too good not to forgive. (That’s my girl) This is why I love her so much. I wanted her to have everything in the world. I wanted to protect her, from boys, from her sister, from her family. I love seeing from her perspective.

The Verdict:

This book is one hell of a royal read. If you’re a sucker for royal reads, put me on the slate for my word. GET THIS BOOK! Page-tuner, passion-flarer, game changer kind of read! Put it in your book cart already. 5 stars!


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